At last we got the approval from our Government to OPEN completely for all Dental treatments. Initially we were open just for Emergencies but now we are Open for all treatments. We have to Thank all of our clients who waited patiently through these hard times. We will now gradually reopen everything. But our foremost priority is your SAFETY. So we have taken additional measures to ensure safety for you and your family. So you will notice changes when you visit us this time.

  1. We will pre screen all patients by asking a few questions before booking the appointment.
  2. We request that you wear your own mask when you arrive here. If you don’t have one, we are happy to provide you.
  3. We will check your temperature on arrival. We request that you Sanitize your hands right at the entrance with Sanitizer placed there.
  4. At this point we request that only the patient should come inside the clinic. Anyone accompanying should wait outside in the car except Parents who are accompanying the kids or who require accommodation.
  5. You will notice there is an empty waiting room with no toys and magazines just to create a touch less environment.
  6. We will be wearing additional PPE, so do not be surprised to see us.
  7. You will notice that the rooms are also sealed just to reduce movement of aerosols.
  8. When you leave, sanitize your hands again.
  9. Always try to maintain 2 meters distance.

All the Staff including Dentists are also screened every morning when they arrive and leave work. We are following a strict protocol to ensure your safety.
Hygiene schedule will open gradually and we will keep updating you.
At last we value your trust and loyalty in Us. We have made all changes so that you can come to the Clinic with peace of mind.
So call us to book an appointment (613) 900-5737. Looking forward to seeing you soon.
Dentistry @ Kingston

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Our extensive dental training and experience allows us to understand and provide a wide range of smile solutions. We believe in creating the smile our patients are looking for using progressive dental techniques and technology.

Thank you for your confidence in our services, and for sending your friends, family and colleagues our way!

The staff of Dentistry @ Kingston look forward to hearing from you and meeting you personally.

Dental Implants Complete Your Smile

If you're missing one or more teeth and would like to fill the gap with the most natural-looking, comfortable solution possible, you'll be interested in hearing about dental implants.

If you have healthy gums and bones but are missing one or more teeth and are looking for a natural-looking replacement, or if you currently wear dentures that are uncomfortable or don't fit as securely as you would like, please come in and ask us to explain all of the tooth replacement options available to you. We think you'll be amazed at how modern technology now allows you to have a natural looking, natural-feeling replacement tooth or teeth.

Wake Up To A Beautiful New Smile!

If you’re one of the millions of people who have been avoiding regular dental visits due to extreme anxiety about an anticipated dental procedure, we have some great news for you. Our office is offering oral sedation. Even though you are not technically asleep during your dental visit, patients describe the experience as seeming to be asleep, which means that they don’t feel or remember the dental procedures, and also have no recollection of the sounds or smells of the dental office, both of which are top triggers for dental fear.

Imagine this… your dentist advises you that you need a filling, crown, root canal or other surgery. You’re feeling apprehensive, so, after a careful medical screening procedure to ensure that you are a good candidate for oral sedation, your appointment is booked and the smile of your dreams is achieved in one to two visits.

The beauty of oral sedation anesthesia is it allows you to be in a comfortable sleep-like state throughout your dental procedure.

Oral sedation is ideal for patients who are fearful of the dentist or who experience dental anxiety, and also for special needs patients who may have trouble sitting still for an extended period of time. It is a good option for people who may need to have a number of dental procedures done, who simply can’t keep coming back for multiple appointments and so just want to have all the work done at once. The sedation works for two to eight hours, depending on the amount of dental work you need.

We encourage you to ask us about oral sedation and how it can help take the anxiety out of your next dental visit.