The Mucosal Examination System (Oral cancer screening)

  • Regular screening, early diagnosis, and treatment planning for oral cancer can save lives;
  • Oral healthcare professionals are the first line of defense in the fight against oral cancer;
  • Unlike several other cancers, the survival rate for oral cancer has remained unchanged for decades;
  • The overall 5-year survival rate for oral cancer is 52%, but when discovered early, it increases to over 80%;
  • Unfortunately, only 35% of oral cancer cases are diagnosed in the early stages. Why? Because there have been few advances made in screening techniques and there are significant nlimitations inherent to white light and chemiluminescence light examination of the oral mucosa;
  • Pre-malignant changes actually start below the surface, at the basement membrane. These changes may not be apparent to the naked eye until the disease progresses to the surface;
  • The FDA has just approved such a device, VELscope, a breakthrough technology that, in combination with traditional white light examination, is the new standard of care for oral mucosal screening. With VELscope, dentists are equipped to help save lives.